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  • Is Vaseline® Jelly Bad for your Lips?
    Why put up with dry, cracked lips, when there are effective ways to help treat and soothe them? Whether the cause is cold weather, dehydration, or frequently licking your lips (a habit many of us are guilty of), choosing a lip care product that works to protect and moisturize can be very beneficial.

    The outermost layer of your skin (the stratum corneum) on your lips is thinner than anywhere else on your body. This means the lips can be more vulnerable to dryness than some parts of the body. So it’s important to find lip products that seal in moisture to help keep your lips moisturized throughout the day – and Vaseline® Jelly does exactly that. 

    Below we answer some common questions about whether Vaseline® Jelly is suitable for dry lips and explain the benefits of using it for lip care.
  • Is Vaseline® Jelly Safe for Lips?
    Yes, Vaseline® Jelly is safe for your lips and is actually very beneficial for them. Vaseline® Jelly Original is hypoallergenic and triple-purified, meaning it is suitable for sensitive skin – it’s recommended by dermatologists and is recognized as appropriate for use on sensitive skin by the U.S. National Eczema Association. So when it comes to your face and sensitive areas like the lips and mouth, you can trust Vaseline® Jelly to gently and effectively care for your skin.
  • Does Petroleum Jelly Dry Out Your Lips?
    There are so many lip products on the market that it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. The great thing about Vaseline® Jelly is that it is a fantastic moisturizer, locking moisture in and protecting lips from drying out. It’s been a go-to lip care product for generations and is made with our 100% pure petroleum jelly which moisturizes the lips and won’t dry them out. Simply apply a layer to moisturize your lips and help protect them from the effects of sun, wind, indoor heating, and other common triggers of dry lips. And now you can try Vaseline® Lip Therapy® tins – an easy and convenient form of Vaseline® Jelly designed specifically for the lips.
  • Is Vaseline® Jelly Bad for Dry Lips?
    Both Vaseline® Jelly and Vaseline® Lip Therapy® are great remedies for dry lips. They don’t just act as a safeguard against everyday dryness, providing a barrier to shield the delicate surface of the lips, they also lock in moisture to help support the skin’s natural dry skin healing process. With regular use, Vaseline® Jelly and Vaseline® Lip Therapy® can moisturize to help heal and relieve dry lips.
  • Tips for Dry Lips
    If you’re facing a constant battle against dry lips, try the following three tips: 

    1) Drink plenty of water. Not drinking enough water can lead to dehydration. Keep a bottle or glass of water on hand at all times to ensure your body stays hydrated throughout the day. 

    2) Avoid licking your lips. You might feel the urge to lick your lips when they’re dry, but over time this can just make the problem worse. Licking your lips doesn’t actually add more moisture to them. Instead, to help re-hydrate and relieve dry lips, apply a dab of Vaseline® Jelly. You can even apply it under lipstick. The jelly will help soothe your lips, and may prevent the urge to lick them. 

    3) Use Vaseline® Jelly overnight. Apply Vaseline® Jelly just before you go to bed to seal in moisture. While you sleep, it’ll have the chance to work its magic, hydrating and soothing dry, flaky skin to help restore soft, smooth lips. 

    If you often feel confused about which products to use on sensitive areas like the lips, then there’s no need to wonder “is Vaseline® Jelly bad for your lips?” You can feel confident that Vaseline® Jelly is a great choice for dry lips, all year round.