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  • Is Vaseline® Jelly Toxic?
    There are often myths surrounding the safety of skin care products, but quite often there’s very little to worry about. For example, some people may ask: “Is Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly toxic?” However, you can be rest assured Vaseline® Jelly is 100% pure, non-toxic, and perfectly safe for you and your whole family to use on your skin.

    In this article, we’ll talk about why Vaseline® Jelly is safe, its benefits, and how you can use it to protect and moisturize your skin every day.
  • Is Petroleum Jelly Toxic?
    Vaseline® Jelly Original is non-toxic. How do we know? Because it is 100% pure petrolatum, a non-toxic skin care formula. 

    You can trust the purity of each jar of Vaseline® Jelly as it is the only petroleum jelly with our Triple Purification Seal. The purity of Vaseline Jelly is measured on three levels – it meets strict safety requirements set out by the U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) and also meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulations for Petrolatum as food grade material, although it is designed to be applied topically. 

    In addition to meeting both the USP and FDA specifications for chemical impurities, Vaseline® Jelly is purified not once, but three times before it reaches the shelf. This triple-purification means Vaseline® Jelly is filtered and distilled to remove all further impurities or particulate contamination, and then de-aerated to remove any air bubbles.

    You may also be interested to know that there are two main processes for refining crude petrolatum. Traditionally, the hot melted material would be passed over charcoal to adsorb impurities. However, Vaseline® Jelly is produced using a more modern and efficient process resulting in an even cleaner material with fewer by-products. 

    As all impurities are removed in the purification process, Vaseline® Jelly has a long-shelf life. It also does not contain water, so is not likely to develop bacterial growth even if you’ve had a jar for a while, as long as you’ve been storing it in the appropriate conditions – a dry area. So even if you’ve got an old jar at the back of your nightstand, it should still be safe to use. 

    While many products are available as "petroleum jelly", the name Vaseline® is your sign of heritage and trust. Vaseline® has always stood for the highest quality in petroleum jelly and in skin care. Because of its unique purification process, you can be sure that Vaseline® Jelly does not contain any toxic ingredients or any ingredients that will become toxic on their own.

    What’s more, pure Vaseline® Jelly is hypoallergenic too. With the seal of acceptance from the U.S. National Eczema Association as appropriate for use by those with eczema or sensitive skin, it is endorsed as suitable for even sensitive eczema-prone skin. 
  • Is Vaseline® Jelly Toxic if Ingested?
    Most people have a jar of Vaseline® Jelly somewhere in the house, which comes in handy for a range of uses. If you’re using Vaseline® Jelly to care for dry lips, dry skin around the eyes, or dry skin around the nose when you’ve got a cold, it’s possible to accidentally ingest a little or get some in your eyes or inside your nose. Since Vaseline® Jelly is FDA approved there’s no need to worry if any is introduced internally through the eyes, nose, or mouth. 

    Although it’s not likely to be a problem if you accidentally swallow a small amount, it’s best to use Vaseline® Jelly as it is intended to be used – for topical use only. It is not intended for ingestion. Remember to always consult a doctor if you have questions or concerns about any accidental unintended use of our products.  

    Vaseline® Jelly is also lipophilic, meaning that it will only dissolve in fats and oil. This means that if you get a little in your eye or inside your nose, the jelly will not dissolve, as these aren’t fatty or oily areas. You can simply wipe it away with a clean, soft cloth. If you develop persistent eye or nose irritation, please consult your doctor.

    While Vaseline® Jelly is not toxic for your skin, you should remember that it is designed to moisturize to help heal and protect the skin and should be applied topically. 
  • Is Vaseline® Jelly Safe to Use on Sensitive Skin?
    The facts about Vaseline® Jelly toxicity are simple: it isn’t toxic for use on skin. So, anyone – even those with sensitive skin – can confidently and safely use the product as part of their everyday skincare routine. Thanks to its triple-purified formula, Vaseline® Jelly is suitable for all skin types. And it can be used for a multitude of purposes: if you suffer from dry skin, chapped lips, have any minor cuts and burns, or your child has diaper rash, Vaseline® Jelly is ideal. It creates a protective barrier to seal in the skin’s natural moisture, helping to facilitate the skin’s natural recovery process and heal from within. 

    If you are concerned about how your sensitive skin will react, we recommend consulting your dermatologist who may suggest trying a small patch test first to make sure your skin does not have an adverse reaction.

    Let’s not forget Vaseline® Jelly is an effective everyday moisturizer, too – even helping to reduce fine dry lines around delicate areas, like the eyes, over time. It’s the perfect skin care product to add to your daily routine.